Review On DNA Tests Tracing African Ancestry

Article 3 - Review On DNA Tests Tracing African Ancestry

After researching for a few months I had narrowed the search down to two Ancestry DNA testing companies. I really couldn’t decide so based on some great discount offers available at that time I chose to take my Ancestry DNA Test with both providers and used the results to try a third company as well.

I took the Ancestry DNA Tests with excitement and a few weeks later I compared the results. Two companies did give me a breakdown of my heritage but one lumped all of West Africa together?? Definitely not what I was hoping for. The other had a better range of regions but was still not to the standard of my number one recommendation. The clear winner for the best results report had 72 distinct regions in Africa with which to breakdown your Modern and Ancient African heritage. That was five times more than any other company!!!  So, who was it???? 

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Living DNA came up on top in all categories. It was the best company I tested in terms of giving me 1) an assurance of the security of my DNA, its data and the results report 2) a detailed breakdown of both my maternal and paternal African ancestral breakdown, both modern and ancient was Living DNA and 3) excellent value for money for a speedy service. 

The kit was simple to use, a swab with full instructions on how to perform the quick 5 minute process of taking the sample. The account which you open on the Living DNA website was also a 5 minute task necessary for you to obtain your test results. A prepaid envelope was provided to send back the sample and all for £79. It was excellent service with a two week turn around. 

We still would recommend you do your own research to decide on what is best to trace your heritage or family tree but encourage you to start with Living DNA and see where your journey takes you.