How To Trace Your African Ancestry

What Is My African Ancestry?

A life changing question particularly posed by those displaced by the African Holocaust during which millions of African families were separated for hundreds of years. Their descendants in South America, North America and Europe now have a great task ahead of them if they decide to find out the history of their African roots.

My personal journey of tracing my African Ancestors begun by starting with my family tree and working my way back as far as I could on both my maternal and paternal sides. It became a slow process once I arrived to the 1800s and yet I still eagerly wanted to find out where in Africa my ancestors were from – quite adamant in my mind that it would be from West Africa and North Africa from my travels. The beauty of my visits to Africa is the oral history of the indigenous people and their knowledge of clans and tribes. Just by sight they were able to identify the group of people to which I was linked. I came back from Africa still yearning however for some more evidence and decided to look for a DNA test that could help shed some light as to the regions or people to whom I was related on the African Continent. 

So the next decision was which one to I choose? 

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